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Japan terminal care association

“Changing society by connecting people”

Current terminal care tends to rely on medical treatment.

However, in order to support people who need terminal care, medical treatment is not the only thing necessary, but also nursing, welfare, government assistance, administration, etc.

Our company believes that Japan needs a system where people can gather and share knowledge about terminal care.

The Japan Terminal Care Association is a place where people can freely learn and discuss things related to terminal care; it allows us to connect with each other.

Our company supports people who want to make a change and take action.

About terminal care specialist

People who have knowledge about terminal care based on data and clinical work.

“Clinical Care Specialist”

  • Learn about basic terminal care with a focus on family and self.
  • Develop ethical values.

Advanced Terminal Care Specialist

People with knowledge in management and education with social perspective in mind.

“Team Management”

  • Obtain extensive knowledge in terminal care.
  • Study subjects outside of medical care and nursing in order to be a leader with multiple perspectives.

JTCA Advanced Instructor

Community-based advisors in death-ridden societies

“Bring awareness to society”

  • As an instructor, develop human resources that consider terminal care in Japanese society.
  • As an instructor, contribute to society by improving knowledge and skill about terminal care.
  • Receive work orders from other associations
  • Promoted to core member of our association


Association overview

Association overview

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Japan terminal care association


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