Advanced Terminal Care Specialist

JTCA Advanced Instructor

Bring awareness of terminal care to society through social contribution

JTCA Advanced Instructors play the role of community-based advisors in death-ridden societies. They develop resources that educate society about terminal care.There are many different kinds of JTCA Advanced Instructors such as: nurses, caregivers, nutritionists, physical therapists, and care managers. Instructors can hold seminars or training sessions with other JTCA Advanced Instructors. Instructors may acquire jobs through JTCA, participate in work related to specific requests, and also receive work requests through JTCA.

One of the merits of being an Advanced Instructor is that you have the opportunity to be a core team member in operating study programs.

Work as an advanced instructor is worth doing because it allows you to play a major role in society regardless of organization or region. It is up to you to decide how much you are willing to challenge yourself.


Step Up System

2 years

Terminal Care Specialist
Clinical Care Specialist

1 years

Upper Terminal Care Specialist
Have a knowledge about team management and education
JTCA Advanced Instructor
Bring Awareness of terminal care to the society through social contribution activity
“Bring awareness”

Japan terminal care association Certification examination:step up system

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