About Japan terminal care association


Support Japan’s death-ridden society

Japan Terminal Care Association is a place where everyone and can collaborate regardless of business type, region, or status. We share knowledge not only about the terminal care field, but others as well. We develop human resources that can support a death-ridden society.


Step Up System

We provide different missions at different levels. For Terminal Care Specialist, it is “Support”. ForAdvanced Terminal Care Specialist, it is “Cultivate”. For JTCA Advanced Instructor, it is “Bring Awareness”.We have developed the Step-Up System examination of certification. As a certified JTCA Advanced Instructor, you will have more opportunities for work.

2 years

Terminal Care Specialist
Clinical Care Specialist

1 years

Upper Terminal Care Specialist
Have a knowledge about team management and education
JTCA Advanced Instructor
Bring Awareness of terminal care to the society through social contribution activity
“Bring awareness”

Japan terminal care association Certification examination:step up system


Easily update your certification

“There is no place to utilize the certification.” “We are forced to take a seminar in order to get points to keep our certification updated.” In our association, you can learn anywhere at any time, learning new things that will update your certification. In addition, we are building a network that allows you to connect with others in the field.


Shaping the idea of care giving

Learning connects us, creating waves in society. Looking back in history, those waves have changed Japan. Japan needs freethinking that is not constrained by health insurance and examination fees, there are some people who already have realized this. We believe that terminal care has the possibility to be freer and we would like to partner with you to make this happen.